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Deciso ETS


Deciso ETS offers schools, colleges, training centres and examination bodies a support mechanism to enhance their service quality while complying with ever-changing legislation and market forces.

The UK government has particular concerns on below-standard administration, facilities and delivery provided by certain schools and colleges in the independent sector. Audit and accreditation responsibility is delegated to The British Council, QAA and ISI to ensure quality and compliance standards are met and preferably above average.

Deciso therefore, should be viewed as an essential yet affordable service for colleges seeking a long- term stay in the market place. Many school and college founders or consortia do not have the appropriate expertise to survive the current and ongoing UK government audits and compliance targets.

The professional and knowledge-led Deciso service provided (by selected, experienced and suitably skilled Education & Training professionals) can be easily accessed to assist you with a number of vital services.

Deciso services

  • An analysis of your current business situation with firm and clear findings and proposed resolutions.
  • A resolute preparation for Ofsted, British Council, QAA and ISI external compulsory audits.
  • Assistance for schools and colleges to apply for or retain Tier 4 sponsor status to enable recruitment of international students requiring visa entry clearance from the Home Office.
  • Decisive marketing and strategic planning to recruit British and EU students.
  • Introductions to UK and overseas universities
  • Assistance with launching new teaching centres in the UK or overseas.
  • Staff Recruitment & Training.
  • Ongoing advice on centre management, teaching and SERVQUAL.